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Re: nominate for removal: ethereal

On Thu, 08 Jul 2004 12:21:25 +0200, Phil Knirsch <pknirsch redhat com> wrote:
> seth vidal wrote:
> And the point is, for a package that needs to be in our enterprise
> products, it is in the long run necessary that there is an internal Red
> Hat package maintainer for it.

You bring up an interesting pedantic question of policy regarding
Fedora Extras moving forward....

Does everything that needs to be in the enterprise products need to be in Core?
Can't you as a red hat employee and maintainer of the enterprise
products maintain
this package as part of Fodora Extras?

Keeping much if not all of the enterprise relevant packages maintained
by a red hat employee as part of fedora has its merits im sure, but
I'm not sure if keeping all the enterprise relevant packages inside
Core, is a good long term solution for the fedora project. So the
question isn't so much should the package maintainership be changed.
Instead its a question of can Red Hat maintained packages be moved out
of Core and maintained as part of Extras.


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