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Re: nominate for removal: ethereal

Stephen Smoogen wrote:
On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 16:43, seth vidal wrote:

So, would it be completely inappropriate to nominate ethereal for
removal from fc3 due to its spotty history of security problems?

It seems like an excellent place to start thinking of packages that
should be maintained, in fedora extras, by the people interested in
using them, not by the central developers at red hat.

Are most of the problems in ethereal or in libpcap? libpcap seems to
have a spottier record.. but that would mean a lot more packages to be

Actually, ethereal itself has had many more security erratas than tcpdump/libpcap (i'd say roughly 10 times as many).

So although tcpdump and libpcap sometimes have a security errata, it's by for not as serious as ethereal.

Read ya, Phil

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