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Re: udev in initrd

On Thu, 2004-07-08 at 11:45, Harald Hoyer wrote:

> just install the udev rpm and not the udev-persistent rpm and you have a simple setup

This raises a whole slew of issues in my mind; among them:

 - How would the user know if they should install udev-persistant or
   not? Is there a one-sentence answer? [1] Should it be part of the
   default install?

 - Isn't having installing packages changes behavior something
   we want to avoid? Or does udev-persistant just add *more* device

 - Could the udev-persistant stuff be made efficient as well? What
   additions to udev would be needed for that?


[1] The package description is:

    udev-persistent enables persistent device naming with udev

  That's not the answer I'm looking for :-)

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