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Request for testing - mod_security

Hi guys,

I've built some RPMs for mod_security

mod_security is a module for Apache that allows for sys admins to do some
very neat filtering of GET and POST requests, cookies and pretty much
anything you want on the HTTP level.

It's incredibly handy for defending dynamic websites against SQL injection
attacks and cross site scripting. The official mod_security site is at:


I believe I had already done all the appropiate things. I introduced
myself on this list a few weeks back:


I also logged it with the fedora.us bugzilla:


I'm new to packaging so if I've done something horribly wrong please let
me know.

I've updated the RPM's recently as well as tried to make configurationa a
little more user friendly and I'm now looking for people to test them out.
I'm personally using the RPM's in production as I run a dynamic website
which, due to it's nature of annoying spammers, regulary get hits with
various web attacks.

Current and previous builds, change log and md5 checksums can be found at:


(This is also a yum feed if you want to use it)


Daniel McNamara
Code Fish Sys Admin

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