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pkg-owner funny

I became a Fedora developer today and so being vane like a goldfish
I ran to check if my name looked pretty in the package owner field...
And then this happened:

[zaitcev porkchop zaitcev]$ pkg-owner fc3 pan
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/pkg-owner", line 23, in ?
    cspec = beehive_pkgset.make_collinfo(dbh, args[0])
  File "/mnt/redhat/beehive/bin/beehive_pkgset.py", line 311, in make_collinfo
    raise Error(errstr, t)
beehive_pkgset.Error: <beehive_pkgset.Error instance at 0x82281e4: {'text': "Collection `fc3' unknown", 'lines': ['Valid collections:', '    dist', '    powertools', '    playpen', '    k12ltsp', '    docs', '    rhdb', '    gnome', '    ha', '    realaudio', '    ia32_compat', '    kabar', '    kde', '    lacd', ' professional', '    redbaron', '    stronghold', '    secureweb', '    ccm', '   rhn', '    edu', '    k12', '    hwcert', '    gps']}>
[zaitcev porkchop zaitcev]$

If you look closely, you can see a message "Collection `fc3' unknown",
which kind of makes sense, but... what is a known collection then?
I puzzled a little and remembered that bhc uses dist-X syntax, and
indeed the following works:

[zaitcev porkchop zaitcev]$ pkg-owner dist-fc3 pan
zaitcev REDHAT COM
[zaitcev porkchop zaitcev]$

What a weird software package we use for everyday work :-)

-- Pete

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