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udev in initrd

There are new FC3 test packages for udev usage in initrd:


This is a minimal version without udev-persistent support and no busybox. It is using the normal nash initrd environment.

U S A G E =========

- Install initscripts, mkinitrd and udev updates
- To use udev in initrd, set USE_UDEV and UDEV_INITRD in /etc/sysconfig/udev.
  udev will then use the normal /dev directory and will generate devices in there.
- udev can be started in a clean mounted ramfs on /dev by setting UDEV_RAMFS
- To get this ramfs /dev to your system, set UDEV_KEEP_DEV. Setting UDEV_KEEP_DEV
  also sets UDEV_RAMFS. /dev will be bind-mounted to your root directory, then.
  - Unset udev_owner in /etc/udev/udev.conf to get normal persimissions. Newer udev
    packages are not setting device ownerships or permissions, if the device already
    exists. But this is needed if you are keeping your /dev, because udev will
    generate devices with root ownership (there is no other user in initrd) and
    udevstart in rc.sysinit will not set correct permissions, then.
- Setting udev_remove will remove devices if the corresponding hardware device is
  gone e.g. for USB devices.

E X A M P L E C O N F I G U R A T I O N =========================================



W A R N I N G =============

Do not overwrite your initrd images and make new grub entries, to have a sane fallback. Please be careful if you are using LVM or RAID. These are not tested, yet.


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