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Re: Fedora Core 3

>> 2.  Free software Java applet plugin for epiphany, Firefix, etc.  It
>> seems that gcjwebplugin will be the candidate eventually.

> Unfortunately, we can't ship gcjwebplugin and gcjappletviewer with
> Fedora Core 3 in their current form because they haven't been audited
> for security.  However, I'm wondering if there is some way of using
> existing security infrastructure to limit gcjappletviewer's
> capabilities.  That way we could at least ship a feature-limited version
> so that people could experiment with trusted applets.

>> 3.  Gcc-java compiled with "--enable-java-awt=gtk."  I'd like to start
>> testing gcj's AWT implementation.

> Yes, this seems doable.  I'll push to have the GTK peers included in the
> next Fedora release.

I added two bugs to Bugzilla to track these two RFIs:

127534, [RFI] Compile libgcj with --enable-java-awt=gtk


127537, [RFI] Inclusion of gcjwebplugin or other Open Source Java applet


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