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Re: Fedora Core 3

On Tue, 6 Jul 2004, Bill Nottingham wrote:

> Cristian Gafton (gafton redhat com) said: 
> > > I'm sure there's other stuff people would like to see. What sorts
> > > of things?
> > 
> > I'd like to see the text terminals fixed up again so that Home and End 
> > keys work in emacs -nw, joe, jed, whatever other places that are under 
> > ncurses controls.
> Text? Not xterm/gnome-terminal/etc?

Well, actually it turns out that we managed to break it all around. This 
is annoying enough to make me transform this into my personal crusade to 
get it fixed again. The most confusing thing is logging into older system 
and having everything work OK and then having the frustrating behavior on 
the latest release...

Cristian Gafton     --     gafton redhat com      --     Red Hat, Inc.
"Linux is a leprosy; and is having a deleterious effect on the U.S. IT
industry because it is steadily depreciating the value of the software
industry sector."
    -- Kenneth Brown, President, Alexis de Tocqueville Institution

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