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Re: RFC: new bugzilla.fedora.us keyword

On Mon, 2004-07-12 at 09:31, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> The name of the package is not important. Need not be -common. I guess
> you've seen kernel-2.4.20-*.7.x.i686.rpm packages before, which are built on
> rh73 and used on rh72 and older, too.
> Or e.g. "uqm" comes with huge data packages, but they are noarch, and
> separate, too. However, it could also be that they contained little-endian
> specific data files built on a little-endian machine and then could not be
> noarch.
> Or: rpm -q firefox
> firefox-0.9.1-0.fdr.3
> It's the same binary for FC1 and FC2, hence no disttag, but i386.
> As another example, "wesnoth" is a 22 MiB large package. Most of the size
> is due to optional graphics and OGG music files. All those data files
> could be put into a separate wesnoth-data package and be used on multiple
> target distributions and hardlinked on the server, too.
> Also, noarch does not imply that a single build can be used for multiple
> distributions always. Consider Perl or perl(:MODULE_COMPAT...)
> dependencies. Such packages are noarch, but still distribution-specific.

Thanks Michael, this helps.  I think I'm clear about everything except
the wesnoth case.  Let's say I submit a wesnoth SRPM containing the
wesnoth tarball to fedora.us which creates binary packages:
  - wesnoth needing separate FC1 & FC2 builds
  - wesnoth-data with the arch/dist independent portion

Do I set the COMMON keyword on the whole package?  Create two separate
SRPMS for wesnoth and wesnoth-data?  Do something totally different?

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