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programs with integrated library packages

Hello packagers,

I began packaging gnotime-2.2.1 today.  This version includes the qof
library in its tarball.  qof and gnotime are both being developed by
Linas Vepstas and gnotime is supposedly the only current consumer of the
library.  (This is certain to change as qof is being extracted from
gnucash and will be used by that project when the library is a fully
functional standalone.)

I see three choices for packaging this combination:

1) Everything in the gnotime package.  This is similar to the way
planner, gnucash, and several other packages that provide some of their
specialized functionality in libraries currently operate.  rpmlint
complains prodigiously about this and it seems to be the least "pure"

2) Break the gnotime package into gnotime, gnotime-libqof, and
gnotime-libqof-devel.  Some library packages break along these lines but
no program packages that I know of.

3) Package qof from its distribution and then patch gnotime to use the
external libqof rather than its internal version.  This approach seems
best idealogically but is the most work and introduces possible sync
problems which is probably why it's tightly integrated upstream.

I'm currently inclining towards option 1 out of laziness and since it's
what packages within Core seem to do but I thought I'd introduce it here
to gauge reactions and elicit other suggestions first.


gnotime: http://www.sf.net/projects/gttr
qof: http://www.sf.net/projects/qof

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