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Re: Updated Mozilla Firefox Roadmap

Le mar 13/07/2004 Ã 20:08, Christopher Aillon a Ãcrit :
> On 07/13/2004 01:53 PM, Matias Feliciano wrote:
> > The roadmap targets 1.0 release for September 14th (one week before
> > FC3T3) :
> > http://www.mozilla.org/projects/firefox/roadmap.html
> > 
> > FC3 for October 18th
> > 
> > Since Evolution is the default mail client, perhaps it's time to push
> > FireFox in Fedora Core and set it as default browser.
> I don't see what Evolution has to do with Firefox (nit, the F in Fox is 
> not capitalized).

Evolution is the default mail client, we don't need the email capability
of the default browser (Mozilla). Firefox seems fine.

> > Or it's better to wait FireFox 1.0 _and_ Thunderbird 1.0.
> How so?  That mindset sort of implies an application suite.  Which is 
> precisely what Firefox and Thunderbird are striving to get away from.

Many FC2 users use Mozilla as a mail client. Because html :-) cross
platform (Windows).

We can't "replace" Mozilla by Firefox only.

FC2 :
default email : evolution
alternative email : mozilla
default browser : Mozilla
alternative browser : epiphany

What I would like for FC3 (if possible) :
default email : Evolution
alternative email : Thunderbird (for mozilla user)
default browser : Firefox
alternative browser : epiphany

If Thunderbird is not ready at time for FC3 we should keep Mozilla
(mostly for its email capability) :
Default email : Evolution
alternative email : Mozilla
Default browser : Firefox
alternative browser : Mozilla
alternative browser : epiphany

btw, if Firefox is the default browser, in what group should be Mozilla
if it is mostly used as a mail client in FC3 (browser or mail client ?).

And for FC4 :
Default email : Thunderbird
Default Calendar : Mozilla calendar (sunbird)
Alternative email/Calendar : Evolution
Default browser : Firefox
Alternative browser : epiphany

For the desktop "market" it's important to be able to use the same "core
desktop" applications with Linux and Windows (OOo, Thunderbird,

It's only a wish.

PS : sorry for my English.
PS2 : I don't use KDE.

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