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Fedora Core 3 wishes

Everyone else seems to be throwing in their 0.2 eurocents, so I'll just
join the party.

Yum frontend, a third release without a frontend would be really sad.

GNOME-volume-manager and general HAL'ification of the desktop, I
understand that g-v-m is proposed for GNOME 2.8 so I have high hopes for

Slimming down FC, we currently ship GNOME, KDE and XFce (plus a few
minor WMs I think), couldn't we move KDE and XFce to Extras - it would
be a better place for them, and it would make Fedora easier to support,
and make the base smaller. I have a feeling I will be flamed endlessly
for this one.

Ogg Theora support, it would be nice to get video support, I know the
editing tools are a bit rough, but gstreamer plugins for theora and
totem would be great for starters.

rhgb on halt/reboot - right now we only have pretty stuff on the screen
for startup, it would be more professional to hide the console text in
all cases - like the ugly boot splash kernel patch does (but please..
it's not an option)

IDE - If Anjuta could be included it would make me really happy, I
really enjoy this IDE, and it would seem FC doesn't ship one at the

David Nielsen

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