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Is the Via C5J Esther not capable of NPTL in FC3 test 1

Hi, According to the VIA press release, their upcoming processor
the VIA C5J Esther has support for NX protection, hardware instructions
for RSA encryption/SHA, SSE2/SSE3 so it seems to be a pretty modern


However, according to the FC3test1 release page

 Native POSIX Thread Library (NPTL) support is unavailable in
 architectures below i686. This includes VIA, AMD K6, and i586 Pentium
 processors. This is known to be problematic for certain applications
 that rely on NPTL db4, such as subversion.

I am not sure if the VIA C5J Esther is included in the above
architectures. It would be nice if OpenSSL could be enhanced to support
the hw montgomery multiplication instruction. The C5J Esther seems like
an impressive CPU to run https servers if the SSL handshake/bulk
encryption can be done with little CPU load

Regards, Yusuf
Yusuf Goolamabbas
yusufg outblaze com

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