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Re: Updated Mozilla Firefox Roadmap

Christopher Aillon schrieb:

On 07/13/2004 04:15 PM, Matias Feliciano wrote:

Le mar 13/07/2004 à 20:08, Christopher Aillon a écrit :

On 07/13/2004 01:53 PM, Matias Feliciano wrote:

The roadmap targets 1.0 release for September 14th (one week before
FC3T3) :

FC3 for October 18th

Since Evolution is the default mail client, perhaps it's time to push
FireFox in Fedora Core and set it as default browser.

I don't see what Evolution has to do with Firefox (nit, the F in Fox is not capitalized).

Evolution is the default mail client, we don't need the email capability
of the default browser (Mozilla). Firefox seems fine.

Ah. That logic wasn't initially clear to me. But on the flipside, you don't need Firefox to do that. It is possible to have a Mozilla without the mail portion. Try "rpm -e mozilla-mail" for example, or --disable-mailnews if building from source, which we could easily add to the specfiles.

Or it's better to wait FireFox 1.0 _and_ Thunderbird 1.0.

How so? That mindset sort of implies an application suite. Which is precisely what Firefox and Thunderbird are striving to get away from.

Many FC2 users use Mozilla as a mail client. Because html :-) cross
platform (Windows).

We can't "replace" Mozilla by Firefox only.

Right. In order to replace Mozilla, you need a browser, a mail client, an irc client, etc. But you're forgetting that we already ship the other pieces. If we throw in Firefox, you have your browser, we ship a mail client already (Evolution), we have X-Chat and GAIM for IRC. The other bits included in Mozilla (for example DOM Inspector) are available as Firefox extensions. So you have your replacements there.

I'll also note that the Firefox roadmap is just a guideline, and is not set in stone. It is conceivable -- quite likely even -- that the Firefox release will slip past Sep 14. How far past, I don't know, but hopefully not too far. The release date for a mozilla.org project is always "when it's ready. which will hopefully be what the roadmap says". Unfortunately, past history has shown that the roadmap release date is seldom achieved.

Oh and by the way, I _do_ want to see Firefox as the default browser, in case that was not obvious. ;-)


There is no reason to replace mozilla some people preffer it some not.
Just add Firefox and make it selectable in preffered applications.

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