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Re: Updated Mozilla Firefox Roadmap

Matias Feliciano wrote:
Le mer 14/07/2004 à 02:03, Per Bjornsson a écrit :

On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 15:26, Matias Feliciano wrote:

There is big difference between Evolution and Mozilla.
Mozilla "just works" with html mail.
I don't write html mail but I receive html mail :-(
Evolution is a great software, but at my office I need Mozilla.

Just how does Evolution not "just work" with HTML mail?

My last "problems" : http://feliciano.matias.free.fr/Capture-Evolution-1.png http://feliciano.matias.free.fr/Capture-Mozilla-1.png http://feliciano.matias.free.fr/Capture-Evolution-2.png http://feliciano.matias.free.fr/Capture-Mozilla-2.png

I generally never give out about stuff, but this takes the biscuit. I assumed evolution (gtkhtml) used gecko as it's rendering engine. I can't believe they invented the wheel again! See question 9 here: http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=3705&page=4


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