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Re: Updated Mozilla Firefox Roadmap

Leonard den Ottolander wrote:
Hi David,

Even when disregarding the implications that using this would have on
the size of the base install, doesn't konqy still have problems with
some CSS stuff, and other details.

Quite possibly but Firefox (which I do use on a much more regular basis
then Konqueror by the way) also isn't fully mature yet, and people are
already proposing to make that the default browser. If issues are an
issue we could probably stop shipping a significant part of the included
apps, including quite a few Gnome apps and libraries.

Please explain using concrete examples reasons why Firefox is not "fully mature yet"? While I personally am slightly annoyed by the way the preferences are laid out, I am otherwise generally very happy with firefox in all regards.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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