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Re: Fedora Core 3 wishes

I'll just add a few I forgot.

100% ALSA, I really hope we can move 100% to ALSA, I know it will be
painful (I take it some drivers aren't in ALSA yet, I haven't checked
though). But it would seem that having both ALSA and OSS support causes
the volume control to display two mixers for my emu10k1 card, that's
just bad style. ALSA is set to replace OSS fully at some point in the
near future anyways, now is as good a time as any to reduce complexity
and dump OSS.

Reviving the browser wars, I don't see any reason for not going with
Epiphany has our default browser, maybe it would be nicer to wait till
Mozilla GRE gets completed so we wouldn't have to have all of Mozilla
installed to use Epiphany, but untill then we could just hide Mozilla
from the user.

Researching the possibility of replacing XChat with XChat-GNOME for
greater compliance to the GNOME HIG. I dunno if this is stable enough
yet, it works for me but if it's ready to replace XChat for everyone I
can't say.

- David

On ons, 2004-07-14 at 00:38 +0200, David Nielsen wrote:
> Everyone else seems to be throwing in their 0.2 eurocents, so I'll just
> join the party.
> Yum frontend, a third release without a frontend would be really sad.
> GNOME-volume-manager and general HAL'ification of the desktop, I
> understand that g-v-m is proposed for GNOME 2.8 so I have high hopes for
> this.
> Slimming down FC, we currently ship GNOME, KDE and XFce (plus a few
> minor WMs I think), couldn't we move KDE and XFce to Extras - it would
> be a better place for them, and it would make Fedora easier to support,
> and make the base smaller. I have a feeling I will be flamed endlessly
> for this one.
> Ogg Theora support, it would be nice to get video support, I know the
> editing tools are a bit rough, but gstreamer plugins for theora and
> totem would be great for starters.
> rhgb on halt/reboot - right now we only have pretty stuff on the screen
> for startup, it would be more professional to hide the console text in
> all cases - like the ugly boot splash kernel patch does (but please..
> it's not an option)
> IDE - If Anjuta could be included it would make me really happy, I
> really enjoy this IDE, and it would seem FC doesn't ship one at the
> present.
> Regards
> David Nielsen

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