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Re: Updated Mozilla Firefox Roadmap

Christopher Aillon wrote:

dragoran wrote:

There is no reason to replace mozilla some people preffer it some not.
Just add Firefox and make it selectable in preffered applications.

Actually, there are several:

1. Mozilla (Seamonkey) is considered deprecated by mozilla.org. "Firefox is the future."
2. As a result of #1, more development happens for Firefox; bugs are more likely to get fixed in it.

Yep, though there still is a community around the suite (seamonkey).

3. No future Mozilla threads along the lines of: http://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2004-July/msg00315.html

That won't happen for a long while AFAICT.

4. Shipping two mozilla.org branded browsers is double the work of shipping one. And let me assure you that shipping one is plenty of work.

I'm sure.

That said, I prefer thunderbird and firefox over seamonkey, so you have another vote to drop seamonkey (mozilla).

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