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Re: Updated Mozilla Firefox Roadmap

yaneti declera com (Yanko Kaneti) writes:

>> Unless you want to do some serious maintenance/development yourself
>> Galeon is as good as dead.
> Huh? Somehow you missed all the steady activity on the 1.3.x gtk2/gnome2
> branch which has regular releases, has reached a good level of maturity
> and will soon be promoted to a stable status. In addition to being nicely
> integrated in the GNOME2 environment and following the letter of the HIG
> it also has many of the nifty features that made 1.2.x popular.

Following the Gnome HIG is a death sentence for applications which are
used regularly. Browsers are such a kind of applications... e.g.:

* HIG requires reuse of Gnome Proxy settings, but these are
  broken/non-existent since early days (or: where is the no_proxy
  support?). For browsers, it may be sometimes usefully to use different
  proxies but changing them would affect the entire system.
* optimizations for often used applications like smaller toolbars are
  possible for the entire system only. This may conflict with the
  settings for seldom used applications where e.g. 'Icons & Text' is
* lots of important settings can be done with regedit only;
  README.ExtraPrefs is probably the most useful file in galeon. Ordinary
  users want to configure things without reading a huge document.

Trying to follow Gnome HIG for galeon 1.3 is wasting of resources; there
is already Epiphany. Developers could try to make it a powerful browser
again, but this slot is filled by Firefox already.


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