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Re: Updated Mozilla Firefox Roadmap

wtogami redhat com (Warren Togami) writes:

> Please explain using concrete examples reasons why Firefox is not
> "fully mature yet"?

The extension concept needs improvements:

* extensions should be signed; current situation where you have *only*
  unsigned extensions trains users to accept the big red warning as the
  normal case

* there are too much extensions, it is too easy to install them and
  there is no working way to upgrade them. Users will end in lots of
  extensions of unknown authors which were not updated for ages. This
  will be a huge security problem

* extensions are difficultly to manage; they need a special (active)
  installation routine and are indexed by non-human readable
  keys. AFAIK, there does not exist a way to install them on the CLI
  ('-installExtension' does not work afais)

I hope, that firefox will implement the features natively so that most
extensions becomes unneeded.


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