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Re: Updated Mozilla Firefox Roadmap

Denis Leroy wrote:

I love firefox too and it's my de-facto browser on Windows VMs. Firefox and Galeon are very similar, both are designed to be light-weight (but not featureless) browsers on top of the mozilla engine. However, firefox is not a true gnome application and does not integrate with the Gnome desktop well, unlike galeon which uses Gnome's default

If you are referring to GNOME HIG, I personally do not agree that all of the HIG rules are beneficial (especially the proxy rule), but I also am not interested in debating the HIG.

If you are referring to MIME integration, MIME is a mess across the entirety of GNOME itself (don't know about 2.8 work) and not limited to just the browser.

configurations whenever possible (proxy settings, etc...) and can be
used as the default browser in Nautilus (type a URL in Nautilus, click
on 'View as' and select 'View as web page (Galeon)'.). Also, firefox is
not easy to package (see FreshRpms' threads on that subject). ..

firefox packaging has been solved:
fedora.us used an ugly debian packaging hack temporarily, and will soon move to this upstream fix.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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