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Need a Usage Survey (WAS Re: Fedora extras and the distribution size)

> In the past few days, we've debated how to get the number of CDs down, 
> and "move xxx to extras" is a common "solution". Problem is, everyone's 
> "xxx" is different, and the line between what belongs in Core vs. 
> extras is gray.
> Consider this: Define core as "an interesting and functionally complete 
> system". Define extras as "niche packages, and packages that 
> *functionally* duplicate something already in core".

	I think that this is a fine idea.

	I agree -- everyone's "xxx" is different.

	What we're missing is the *data* -- who uses what, how often do they
use it, are they satisfied with it...?

	What sort of users require everything to be on the CDs, and what sort
of users can yum things?

	What actual percentage of Fedora users are using GNOME, and what
percentage are using KDE?

	I could come up with a whole set of questions that would give us the
exact information we need, and will if requested to.

	I think we should host a series of surveys at fedoraforum.org, get them
linked from the Fedora News Updates, and find out the answers to this

	For example, if I put up: "What MTA do you use in your Fedora systems:
Sendmail (the default), Postfix, Exim, other" and we see that only 10%
of people are using one of them, we can actually say, "Let's put it in
Extras." If the numbers change in the future, we can move it back. None
of it is permanent. :-)

	I think that there is value not only in reducing the CD size, but in
reducing the burden on Red Hat of how many packages they have to
maintain for Fedora. The less burden, the more time they can spend on
helping the community.


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