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Re: Is the Via C5J Esther not capable of NPTL in FC3 test 1

> > the hw montgomery multiplication instruction. The C5J Esther seems like
> > an impressive CPU to run https servers if the SSL handshake/bulk
> > encryption can be done with little CPU load
> Send patches. It should need no kernel side help at all

Theo has some patches to binutils in the OpenBSD tree for the VIA C3 AES
stuff. This post mentions the speedups he gets


Binutils patches (I had passed the message to Jakub/jgarzik) a while


He's also mentioned that he is involved in the development of the VIA
C5J Esther (which according to a message on openbsd-cvs list can do 800
RSA signs/sec at 1024 bits)



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