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Re: cdrdao 1.1.9

Denis Leroy wrote:

I'll contact the maintainer.

Errr, cdparanoia is an audio ripper, while cdrdao is an audio CD
burner. I assume you meant cdrecord. Indeed, cdrecord and cdrdao shame
some common traits since cdrdao uses the same low-level scsi libraries
(from cdrtools). But cdrdao is specifically targeted at Audio CDs and
understands toc and cue files. Also, cdrdao-gcdmaster is the only GUI
audio CD burner tool out there (along with the atrocious xcdroast,
which hardly works with the 2.6 kernels and should be dumped from FC2
Core). So i'd argue that both should be part of FC2 Core actually...

Denis Leroy, cdrdao project
denis at poolshark dot org

Here I am ... :) cdrdao is version 1.1.9 in FC (3) development... The problem with gcdmaster is, that it needs gtkmm2 and libgnomeuimm2, which are not part of the Core...

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