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Re: request for inclusion of sqlite and libevent for FC3

On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 09:09:04PM -0700, Max K-A wrote:
> >   PHP5 use sqlite I think. That may be one good reason to move it
> > in core.
> 	Actually, PHP5 *ships with* SQLLite. If we include SQLLite in Fedora,
> it means a modification of the PHP5 package to not include SQLLite.

  In general it's better to reuse shared lib as much as possible,
one of the reasons is memory footprint, but handling security updates
is also a major one. You can't believe how much code has a copy of
the zlib library and the horrible mess this generated. I think from
a distribution point of view, the goal is really to make sure
the code (and data) are shared for common libraries.


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