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Re: rawhide report: 20040715 changes

Paul Thomas wrote:

On 15/07/2004 16:01 Garbage wrote:

I saw the red glow of this flame mail from the outer reaches of my inbox. Evolution is a necessary evil until Thunderbird and Sunbird mature a little bit. At that point i agree to the replacement of Evolution by the mozilla "modular suite".

I don't see why it's necessary. I think it's promotion as the preferred GNOME MUA is more likely to be political than technical. I haven't looked at any of the latest stuff from Mozilla so I don't know how it differs from the old Mozilla Mail program.

I have found that the newest developments coming out of mozilla are much more intelligently designed and slimmed down for mass consumption on any system. the most recent Thunderbird and Firefox represent the agility and compactness that i am refering to. if you havent looked lately you will find an entirely different beast (i disliked and didnt use original mozilla suite for the last 5 years unless i had to and then i switched back sometime last year).
Best Wishes,
Michael Favia

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