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Re: Gnome image viewers

David Zeuthen wrote:

Well, we just had a discussion on cameras and Nautilus (well, GNOME VFS
actually) over on utopia-list gnome org the other day and the consensus
was that you should only use Nautilus for browsing device whose primary
and maybe secondary use was random files.

Thus, for cameras and photos you should use a dedicated photo management
tool sort of like gThumb that of course should start automatically when
plugging in a digital camera.


I think i might misunderstand your evaluation but I disagree with this assessment as i understand it (which is possible because wording these things can be a bit tricky). I think that Nautilus should be a comprehensive file browser for file systems of any type regardless of the content percentage. However to increase responsiveness and slim down the codebase the operational capacity of nautilus should be limited with respect to any individual file type (e.g. display thumbnails and basic exif of images but dont enable color balancing). Such "deep" operations should be reserved for the niche applications that provide an integrated environment for making such changes. In short Nautilus should be the proverbial guy who knows everything but cant really do all that much. If depth is the "operational capacity" of an application and the surface area is the "areas of knowledge/expertise" then nautilus should be a very large shallow pool. And niche applications like GIMP, gThumb and others should be small deep pools that exert their increased level of expertise and are functionally designed with the particular filetype in mind.

In short nautilus should not extend itself very far into any area of expertise (short of file operations) but instead remain a general tool to organize, browse and make trivial changes to thoose files. Simple nautilus should be able to change on those things that are used during the file browsing (seems to just make sense to me). Maybe i am not clear enough... id be happy to expand on it if youd like. Please forward this post to anyone youd like.

Best Wishes,
Michael Favia
Insites Incorporated

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