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FC3 (and beyond) wishlist


Here's a list of things I'd like to be addressed in FC:

- system-config-packages that handles remote sources and updates (merge with up2date frontend). Think Red Carpet.
Whatever happened to http://fedora.redhat.com/projects/config-tools/specs/redhat-config-packages/ anyway?

- Clean up the menu. "Name-Generic Name" or whatever format is agreed upon, but please make it consistent.
Preferably the order would be dependent on user locale, since for example in Swedish, the order "Generic Name-Name"
sounds much more natural than the other way around.
Also, gnome-print-manager has 2 entries + the notification icon (which does nothing when you run it from the menu).
More user settings should be moved out to "More settings...". Sessions, proxy server and maybe a few others.
The "about myself", login manager photo and password dialogs could be unified. Ideally there would not be overlapping
tools in user settings and system settings, but instead one should have the option to apply the settings system-wide
(mouse, keyboard, display etc).

- modprobe.conf.d and prelink.conf.d, similar to ld.so.conf.d.

- A decision on how to, and tools for building and packaging 3:rd party kernel modules, including driver updates.

- Red Carpet (+ Daemon) as preferred dependency manager. It is faster than yum, written partly in python (unlike apt),
has a much better graphical frontend than apt (Red Carpet vs. Synaptic), handles both installs, removals and updates
(unlike up2date). The only disadvantage as I see it, is that it was developed by
the number one competitor (Ximian, now Suse/Ximian/Novell), so I suppose this one would be out of the question (?).

- Clean up Xsession handling. Currently, there are session files in /etc/X11/dm/Sessions, /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions and
/usr/share /xsession at least. There should be no more than one place.

And some Gnome issues:

- System sounds. And no, don't say "but there are system sounds!". The existing ones are far worse than none at all.
Things like login/logout, "new mail", error/notification message sounds, etc.

- Non-opaque resizing of splitter widgets (this is probably not correctly phrased, but I think you know what I mean). Currently GTK is simply too slow to have opaque resizing, and that goes for XUL apps as well.

- Why is the file selector widget using double-click to show bookmarked directories? This, to me, is highly irregular.

- In the file association manager, display a list of "known programs", like in the "Run..." dialog, when you select a program
with which to open a certain file type.

/Peter Backlund

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