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-doc subpackage Group tag

I was just looking around at other packages to see what Group: tag
should go on a -doc subpackage.  It looks like Documentation is the
right group, but I noticed that this is rather inconsistent in the
official packages.

  exim-doc      Documentation
  gtk-doc       Development/Tools
  kernel-doc    Documentation
  nasm-doc      Development/Languages
  selinux-doc   System Environment/Base
  sendmail-doc  Documentation
  tclx-doc      Development/Languages
  tetex-doc     Applications/Publishing
  tix-doc       Development/Languages
  xorg-x11-doc  Documentation

Given that the Group: tag is essentially meaningless, I wasn't sure
this justified mention in bugzilla, but it probably should be fixed.

Steven Pritchard - K&S Pritchard Enterprises, Inc.
Email: steve kspei com             http://www.kspei.com/
Phone: (618)398-7360               Mobile: (618)567-7320

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