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Re: FC3 (and beyond) wishlist

Peter Backlund wrote :

> - Red Carpet (+ Daemon) as preferred dependency manager. It is faster 
> than yum, written partly in python (unlike apt),
>   has a much better graphical frontend than apt (Red Carpet vs. 
> Synaptic), handles both installs, removals and updates
>   (unlike up2date). The only disadvantage as I see it, is that it was 
> developed by
>   the number one competitor (Ximian, now Suse/Ximian/Novell), so I 
> suppose this one would be out of the question (?).

The main disadvantage I see is the complexity of the whole thing, as it
relies on many libraries, some of which weren't (last I checked) even
available as tarballs anywhere except from in the Ximian rpmsn which you
had to hunt a while to find. I tried to repackage Red Carpet for
freshrpms.net, but gave up and moved on after seeing all the nasty things
Ximian does to build it (plenty of static liking... ugh!). To the end user,
it looks ok as there aren't that many dependencies (the static linking),
but to the packager it's hell, and will be hell to maintain.
The day it gets clean and polished build-wise, I may dig into it again
though, as it is a nice looking and very useful application.


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages : http://freshrpms.net/
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Load : 0.63 1.00 0.69

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