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Re: -doc subpackage Group tag

Steven Pritchard wrote :

> I was just looking around at other packages to see what Group: tag
> should go on a -doc subpackage.  It looks like Documentation is the
> right group, but I noticed that this is rather inconsistent in the
> official packages.
>   exim-doc      Documentation
>   gtk-doc       Development/Tools
>   kernel-doc    Documentation
>   nasm-doc      Development/Languages
>   selinux-doc   System Environment/Base
>   sendmail-doc  Documentation
>   tclx-doc      Development/Languages
>   tetex-doc     Applications/Publishing
>   tix-doc       Development/Languages
>   xorg-x11-doc  Documentation
> Given that the Group: tag is essentially meaningless, I wasn't sure
> this justified mention in bugzilla, but it probably should be fixed.

gtk-doc is a tool for managing documentation, so its category seems
correct, OTOH for the others, changing to "Documentation" would seem to
make sense.
Note that indeed this tag is seldom used, but can actually become useful
once surfaced, in a web interface or in a package management tool (synaptic
uses it for instance).


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