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Re: cdrdao 1.1.9

--- Matthias Saou
<thias spam spam spam spam spam spam spam egg and spam freshrpms net>
> Harald Hoyer wrote :
> > cdrdao is version 1.1.9 in FC (3) development...
> > The problem with gcdmaster is, that it needs gtkmm2 and
> libgnomeuimm2,
> > which are not part of the Core...
> Pros for adding the c++ gtk/gnome stuff to Core :
> - More and more projects seem to use them
> - There would be at last an "official" (from FC/RH perspective)
> naming
> - It seems to be an official part of GNOME, sources on ftp.gnome.org
> Cons for adding the c++ gtk/gnome stuff to Core :
> - It's a mess with many parallel installable versions...
> - We're already trying to get stuff _out_ of the Core, not _in_!
> I think that last point pretty much sums it up, especially since I
> can
> already imagine all the "now that the gtkmm/gnomemm libs are in Core,
> why
> not add foo which uses them?" ;-)
> Matthias

Yes, all excellent points. Thanks. Some more clarifications on gtkmm:

- indeed gtkmm is split into multiple libraries, much like the C gnome
development libraries. I don't know if Murray Cumming is on this list
but maybe he could elaborate further... Things are complicated by the
existence of two APIs: 2.2 and 2.4. The dependencies are well
documented though, so yum should take most of the pain away. On the
naming side, the RPMs i submitted to fedora.us have all been named
carefully based on Murray Cumming's preferences.

- though i realize it's a tough sell to have it included in Core (even
if 2.4 only), it can be argued that major language (i.e. C++)
development bindings should receive special consideration since they
play a really important role. It'd be nice if all the talented C++
developpers out there could be drawn into writing Gnome apps knowing
the C++ bindings are widely distributed and available...

- i think at the very least both gtkmm APIs should be part of Extras.
I'd be already very happy if at least people could do a 'yum install
cdrdao-gcdmaster' and it 'just worked' :-)

Denis Leroy, cdrdao project

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