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Re: s390 lcs kernel module problem

Karsten Hopp wrote :

> That's a bug in the linuxrc which loads the modules and sets up the
> initial network before anaconda starts.
> I wasn't aware that the lcs module has picked up a dependency on the
> cu3088 module, fixed in CVS. Thanks for finding and reporting this !
> Workaround for now:
>  insmod cu3088.ko   before you enter the network parameters.

Cool, thanks! I had actually noticed a little after that it wasn't a
problem in the module itself since I was able to have the lcs module load
later on, when manually "adding devices" because of my linux.120 image not
working. I've also managed to get the ctc network working directly, which I
think was due to changing the hercules.cnf file "old style" lines for 0600
and 0601 by a single "new style" line as follows :
0600  3088 CTCI -n /dev/net/tun -t 1500

The strange thing is that the exact same hercules version and the exact
same initial .cnf file didn't cause any trouble with RHL 7.2, which got the
network fine. Maybe the new prm file syntax for the install/network stuff
is the reason.

Got ssh/telnet access, still not done yet, though ;-)


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages : http://freshrpms.net/
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Load : 2.03 1.61 0.87

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