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Re: -doc subpackage Group tag

Ville Skyttä wrote:

On Sat, 2004-07-17 at 19:19, Steven Pritchard wrote:

So should those packages be renamed to whatever-doc (or *-doc be
renamed to *-docs)?

FC3test1: 10 * -doc, 5 * -docs, 1 * -manual. fedora.us: 2 * -doc, 2 * -docs, 0 * -manual. rpmseek.com: 1204 * -doc, 129 * -docs, 141 * -manual (mostly JPackage)

Dunno about renaming, but based on the above, -doc could at least be a
recommendation for new packages (but then again, IMVHO -docs "sounds"
better ;).

I ran into this same issue in naming database fileds in tables and variables in my programming. I decided that the singular form is the preferred way to go. Because i was normally refering to a single instance of whatever the item was. In this case i believe the same rules apply. The package really contains the "documentation" not the "documentations". It seems silly but it makes sense for me and i have never had to wonder or check if my variable was "apple" or "apples".
Michael Favia
Insites Incorporated

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