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Re: Fedora Core 3

Am So, den 18.07.2004 um 2:10 Uhr +0100 schrieb Paul Jakma:
> On Sat, 3 Jul 2004, Alan Cox wrote:
> > Does anything actually stop you removing the x86-64 mozilla and 
> > installing the x86-32 one with FC2. I've not tried this but can't 
> > see any obvious reason to fail
> You'll need to install many iX86 RPMs, mostly for libs obviously, 


For Firefox (32bit) from fedora.us I needed no special libs from iX86 on
x86_64. But Galeon was a real problem and I don't know if mozilla is
that easy. Installing a second mozilla from the mozilla.org precompiled
tar File should be easy (does it still exists?).

> many of which overwrite files belonging to the x86_64 versions of 
> those RPMs. Mostly documentation and headers admittedly, not a big 
> deal, but some binaries too, which is annoying. (eg 
> /usr/sbin/iconvconfig in glibc RPM).
> Why on earth weren't /(usr)?/bin64 directories created for the FC2 
> x86_64 port for x86_64 binaries to be installed to? ;) PATH is far 
> easier to manipulate than all those preexisting RPMs. (hindsight 
> 20/20 possibly).

Yes, often, this is annoying. QT had such a problem also IIRC. Was hard
to get a 32bit xine run on an 64bit FC2 (now there are 64bit xine
available at livna.org this is easier again)... But I don't think /usr/
bin64 or something like that is specified somewhere (LSB)? Maybe this
could be solved by 
and a script or link that points to the right Version?


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