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Re: suspend & resume

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Rik van Riel a écrit :
| Hi,
| I just got suspend/resume to work on my laptop here, by
| changing the config files of acpid.  I am wondering if
| the current acpid configuration (shut the system down
| when the power button is pressed) is useful for anyone,
| or whether it should be replaced with something else.

I use it a lot as a safety net.
With a single computer and full USB input, being able to shut down
cleanly the system whenever the USB stack goes bang is invaluable.

Unfortunately, it seems the USB code is still not on par with the rest
of the kernel. I don't expect it to be fixed for months.

BTW, on that other system where suspend/resume is supposed to work some
bright people have decided the reset button was taking too much place.
This way once you're crashed the only way out is to unplug the power
cord and drain the batteries - all the power button is good for is
suspend/resume from/to the crash.

So please do not remove easy shutdown access from systems. You *do* need
it sometimes.


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Nicolas Mailhot
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