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Re: suspend & resume

On Sun, Jul 18, 2004 at 11:37:15AM +0200, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Thorsten Leemhuis a écrit :
> | Am So, den 18.07.2004 um 10:05 Uhr +0200 schrieb Nicolas Mailhot:

> |> BTW, on that other system where suspend/resume is supposed to work some
> |> bright people have decided the reset button was taking too much place.
> |> This way once you're crashed the only way out is to unplug the power
> |> cord and drain the batteries - all the power button is good for is
> |> suspend/resume from/to the crash.
> |
> |
> | Hold the power button longer than ~5 seconds, in most (nearly all) cases
> | the machine will power down.
> Yeah, right, ever met Murphy ?

Hi, I'm Murphy, and if your mobo does not shutdown with the 4-sec
power-button press, then I've been visiting your mobo's hardware labs
while they implemeneted the ATX specs. :)

More seriously: If that functionality is broken, I'd go hunting the
motherboard/chipset manufacturer. And if the system really hangs that
bad due to hardware bugs, having a different soft-off/resume/suspend
policy will not help either. :(
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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