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Progeny & Componentization


This sounds like a direction Fedora is already headed in, but now it can be termed "componentization"...

*Chuck Talk*: I know that Progeny has developed the idea of componentized Linux for developers to build their Linux environment "from the bottom-up", can you explain what that means in terms of building a Linux distribution?

*Jeff Licquia*: In the past, people building custom Linux distributions have generally started with a standard distribution, stripped out the parts they don't need, and added or altered the features that they need. This results in a fork, with all that forking entails; the group doing the distribution now has to get into the Linux distribution business, spending lots of resources on things that are peripheral to the group's main purpose.

Componentized Linux is a different way to build custom Linux distributions. People pick and choose the standard components they need, build their own components for features that they need that aren't yet available, and put it all together to produce a complete distribution. In doing so, the work to maintain the core Linux components is shared among several groups of people with similar goals, with each group focusing on the part of the puzzle that they do best.

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