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Re: yum request

I'll just take this off list:

I have had the router replaced once already, the problem presists - when
I connect straight to the network around the router, it's perfectly
There is no fireware updates for this model on the website I looked.
I'm quite sure it's just a bad design.

- David

On man, 2004-07-19 at 10:37 -0500, Michael Favia wrote:
> David Nielsen wrote:
> >- David *never ever buy netgear routers.. they suck* Nielsen
> >  
> >
> Have you attempted to upgrade your firmware from the netgear site? I own 
> about 20 different netgear routers and though ocassionally  do have an 
> issue it is normally addresed in a firmware update at some point. Also i 
> find people often blame the technology that thay know the least about 
> and this sad award almost always falls at the feet of the little 
> mysterious router box. Are you sure IT is the problem (have you temp 
> replaced it with another one?) You dont have to answer back, my response 
> is just a suggestion.
> --
> Michael Favia

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