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Fedora-Related Speaking Opportunity

Hi Everyone,

I'm working as part of the Ohio LinuxFest team to coordinate this year's
event.  We drew people from all throughout the Mid-West last year:  Ohio,
Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois.  
We're planning an even bigger and better event for this year, with speaker
representation from the The Apache Software Foundation, Novell, Samba, and
more.  We have confirmed talks from many authoritative speakers on many
interesting topics.  The event is free to attend (registration required so
that we know how many to expect), and it will be held in Columbus, Ohio.

Our website is at http://www.ohiolinux.org/, so you can check us out.

I'd like to find a good speaker to represent the Fedora project, and I'm
hoping I might find a talkative Fedora developer here who is interested in
the opportunity.  I'm open to many talk ideas, and if you happen to be an
eager Fedora devloper willing to talk at the event, I'd love to help you
secure a timeslot at the event this year if you can contact me off-list.  
I myself use and love Fedora, and so I'd like to help make it happen.

In any case, I do hope I might hear from some of you.  Tnx, in advance.

--          _ 
__ __ ___ _| | William R. Lorenz <wrl express org> 
\ V  V / '_| | http://www.clevelandlug.net/ ; "Every revolution was 
 \./\./|_| |_| first a thought in one man's mind." - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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