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Re: FC3 (and beyond) wishlist

Peter Backlund wrote:

- Red Carpet (+ Daemon) as preferred dependency manager. It is faster than yum, written partly in python (unlike apt),
has a much better graphical frontend than apt (Red Carpet vs. Synaptic), handles both installs, removals and updates
(unlike up2date). The only disadvantage as I see it, is that it was developed by
the number one competitor (Ximian, now Suse/Ximian/Novell), so I suppose this one would be out of the question (?).

I tested this out recently to find out if there were any broken dependencies and this feature exposed three versions of gcc-gnat. This program feature is worth inclusion into FC, with rc or integrated into another program.

Out of the "replace up2date" question, since up2date is tied to Red Hat
Network. Pushing a technology in Fedora that is closely connected to the
competition and offers the same functionality (RC Enterprise) as RHN, is
probably not the smartest thing to do. Although it would be nice to be
able to use RC to talk to RHN...anyway, I still think it should be
adopted, maybe to push yum into Extras, or to go into Extras itself. It
is IMHO simply the best dep. manager out there.

Up2date works great for me on a non-rhel version. not including this program on FC would cut down on the exposure and on testing of up2date in general. This would seem counter-productive to remove this program from the fold. As to pushing yum into Fedora Extras, this would not make sense to me. Yum is a system maintenence program and seems to be core to maintaining the system for many. I use this when another program w/ similar functionality is disabled for some reason.


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