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Re: FC3 (and beyond) wishlist

Thomas Vander Stichele (thomas apestaart org) said: 
> Here are some examples:
> 1) ensure that the quickcam module is loaded with all compatibility
> options
> # webcam, quickcam
> options quickcam compatible=255

Then it should be the default. :)

> 3) directfb fusion driver:
> alias           char-major-252          fusion


in the module source code.

> 4) making sure that "modprobe lirc" loads the correct backend driver
> (the file containing these entries would/could be managed by a lirc
> configuration tool):
> alias           char-major-61           lirc
> # get rid of serial if it's been loaded
> pre-install     lirc                    rmmod serial 2> /dev/null; true

Well, that will generally fail as serial's built in.

> All the tools that rely on a single configuration file invariably end up
> having lots of hacks applied to them from various rpm scripts (lilo.conf
> in the past, grub.conf, apache configs, modules.conf, ...) to edit
> existing files, hopefully remove old entries and replace them with
> current ones, failing badly in the process.  The easiest solution is for
> these snippets to be in separate files managed by the package installing
> them.

True, but it certainly could lead to conflicts depending on how
much it's used. For things like aliases, it really shouldn't be
used much at all.


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