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Re: AMD64 package help needed

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Michael Schwendt wrote:
| Occasionally, there are reports about src.rpms which fail to rebuild for
| x86_64, e.g. Gtkmm 2:
|   https://bugzilla.fedora.us/show_bug.cgi?id=1421
| To know whether a version upgrade fixes this, requires that someone
| with an AMD64 system attempts at rebuilding it prior to release. Else
| the release process looks like
|   QA for x86
|    -> PUBLISH for x86
|    -> bug report about x86_64
|    -> fix and prepare update
|    -> QA for x86 (regression testing)
|    -> if fix needs modifications, try on x86_64 again
|    -> PUBLISH for x86 and x86_64
| and results in increased work for the packagers and reviewers.
| If there are people from the Fedora for AMD64 community who read this,
| please join and help!

Is this an FC2 or 3 package?

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