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self-introduction: Andrea Baravalle

As per requirements:

1. Andrea Baravalle
2. United Kingdom, Sheffield
3. Research Associate
4. University of Sheffield
5. I would like to package GNU phpGrabComics in order to be included in Fedora. GNU phpGrabComics is a quite mature software for grabbing comisc from the web. I may be interested in packaging and/or collaborating to other web-based applications.
6. I am the main developer of GNU phpGrabComics. I know quite well PHP and XML/XSL. I have been involved in several web development projects. I have been working long time on shopping comparision web sites, among whom shopping.msn.it and costameno.it, using PHP, Apache, MySQL or Oracle, Squid. My main activity is research (HCI, web usability). At the present time I'm working in COSPA (http://www.cospa-project.org).
pub 1024D/48A4634A 2004-03-24 Andres Baravalle <andres baravalle it>
Key fingerprint = 4810 06BA 2717 1523 D66B 4AC9 CAC1 5664 48A4 634A
sub 1024g/F71D75ED 2004-03-24

Hope that the content is compliant to the guidelines.

Note that my legal name in Europe (where I live) is "Andrea", but my "real" name is "Andres". It has been translated in the italian documents to "Andrea" when I moved from Argentina to Italy. But "Andrea" is a lady's name in spanish!


Andres Baravalle


Gli uomini d'azione sono poco pratici.
La stessa azione li allontana dalla loro meta.
        Paco Ignacio Taibo I

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