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Re: Any consensus on a groupware suite for FC/RHEL?

On Thu, 2004-07-22 at 13:51 -0400, David T Hollis wrote:
> Most of the components of Kolab are already included in Fedora which is
> great, but they have built/designed it so that it fits into it's own
> box, everything running under it's own directory which I'm really not a
> fan of.  I took a stab in the past at creating a package for it and what
> it will ultimately require is a lot of patching to the scripts to set
> correct paths and directories.  Other than that, it should be fairly
> feasible.

Actually, the fault is in Kolab, which had a very short deadline and
some things haven't been made the best ay possible...

I'd love it even more if most of this services were configured to run
chrooted by default...

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