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Re: s390 ctc0 interface not coming up


On Thu, Jul 22, 2004 at 10:44:27PM +0200, Matthias Saou wrote:
> Pasi Pirhonen wrote :
> > I thought that i won't touch this as 
> > 
> > a) i hate DNS pollution
> > b) all kind of faked addresses
> Huh?? Are you referring to my e-mail address? Believe it or not, it's a
> real working one, its whole point is to have spammers remove it from their
> lists thinking it's bogus ;-p Oh, and I'm a Monty Python fan, those who
> know the viking spam sketch have probably already figured :-D

Yes. That doesn't change the fact that it's DNS polluting. I've been
around since -92 and never tried to fight sgainst spamming with wrong
way (hiding myself).

I know that it's valid DNS-name (i checked it).

Opinions are opinions. 

> > 
> > ie. basically just do one _FAKE_ ifconfig so kernel module loader will
> > pick up the magic from /etc/modprope.conf _BEFORE_ trying to mess with
> > the /sys stuff.
> > 
> > There must be better way, but that was just a quick hack which doesn't
> > harm anyone.
> This doesn't work for me. The ctc kernel module doesn't even get loaded
> automatically, and when I modprobe it, I only get a single line :
> CTC driver Version: 1.61  initialized
> It doesn't say anything about ctc0... nor does "ifconfig -a" report any, as
> if the device wasn't emulated properly, but running the network install
> with the same nercules.cnf works fine. Maybe I could try the LCS network
> interface instead? Has anyone had any luck with it using hercules?

What version of Hercules you're using? I haven't been using anything
else than CVS-snapshots since late February.

My FC3/rawhide s390(x) hosts are manually upgraded Tao Linux
installations, so i might naturally have something still differently.
I've been just 'yum -y update' those several weeks now tho.

Do you have line like

alias ctc0 ctc

in you /etc/modprobe.conf?

ifconfig ${DEVICE} ${IPADDR} ${opts} pointopoint ${REMIP} netmask ${NETMASK}


ifconfig ${DEVICE} ${IPADDR} ${opts} pointopoint ${REMIP} netmask ${NETMASK}

Is from my very s390x-machine. First ifconfig-line is the extra.

as is next (my ifcfg-ctc0)


So mine is basically just what is like RHEL3-level plus this

When i was initially digging out why the ctc0 didn't came up after
updatuing to 2.6-series i pretty much remember that all the clue is
there if 

a) ctc module gets loaded with this 'trick'
b) SUBCHANNLES-line is right.

As i told previously, i needed to patch quick'n'dirty this ifup-ctc to
get it working (ie. trick kernel module loader to load the ctc module
before script tries to mess up with /sys)

BTW. There is at Tao Linux/x86-64 contrib a recent enought hercules


which does contain the fix for annoying floating point BUG which
prevented the ESAME-mode working eight (gcc emitted this code for me
only for python which pretty much made the direct installation
impossible. I pointed the code for Greg Smith who manually debugged
some 200 or so instructions to conglude that there were mistake which
translated only to _two byte_ patch (two characters :)

One more thing about hercules and CVS-snapshots. Since 3.0 release
those guys have improved the emulation performance some 30+% so alone
it's reason to run something else than 'stable release' 

I don't know, but if you have this subchannels stuff right on your
config, you should be able to just

.modprobe ctc
./etc/init.d/network restart

and get a working env instaltly. If that fails, there is something else
fscked up.

Pasi Pirhonen - upi iki fi - http://iki.fi/upi/

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