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Single Repository (WAS Re: Definition of Open Source)

> I know this will never happen, but I think the ideal solution for this
> would be to merge all the major 3rd party repositories so that we're
> left with Fedora Extras

	Hahaha, of course, I completely agree, from a user's standpoint. From a
packager's standpoint, it's nice to control one's own repository. One
can be confident in one's own work, and in one's own ability to satisfy
user's requests.

	The only way that there will ever be a single repository is if this

	* Red Hat appoints a highly trusted "Fedora Extras" maintainer that the
majority of current packagers know and trust. This person creates a
system that allows trusted packagers a lot of leeway and ability to do
their job well, and also allows their packages to get a lot of exposure
to the Fedora community.

	If I had to pick somebody personally, it would be Matthias Saou. There
are many people who would be qualified, but based on a balance of
factors, that would be my nomination. Does anybody disagree with that?

	I must admit, I am a bit hesitant to hit "Send." :-) Aw, heck, it's
just words...


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