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Re: Yet another FC3 wishlist

Am Do, den 22.07.2004 um 11:59 Uhr -0700 schrieb Jonathan Gardner:
> On Tuesday 20 July 2004 04:01 am, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> >
> > IMHO Fedora needs a special application that assist you at downloading
> > things (like this firmware) and then builds RPMs from the files
> > automatically. 
> No, we need to put pressure on these software writers to license their code 
> responsibly. Or we need to buy other kinds of hardware.

Maybe. But it is often not only the firmware for hardware. I often hear
people say "Fedora does not have RPMS for Acrobat Reader and Suns-Java?
Suse has, Fedora sucks!" 

Yes I know then there are repositories that have these RPMS -- but AFAIK
the licenses of this softare this is not legal (at least in case of the
acrobat reader -- not sure about suns java).

An of course, solve this problem otherwise (like a redistribution
license for livna.org or something like that) is of course the best


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