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Re: IDEA: Shortening boot-time

Jason L Tibbitts III writes:

Is there a simple way to find what is causing the disk IO?  Each
script starts /bin/sh and then sources /etc/init.d/functions.  Is
there any way to save that IO?  You could build a static /bin/sh
hacked to have the stuff in /etc/init.d/functions as builtins.

Another completely off-the-wall thing to try could be somehow
compiling the individual init.d files into one thing that gets
executed at startup.  Honestly, many of the startup files follow a
basic template and under normal circumstances many of them do exactly
the same thing.  Why run a whole bunch of shell code to run a daemon,
check the return value and touch a file in /var/lock/subsys?

I remember reading some kind of a white paper on what OS X does to speed up the system boot time. It profiles what kind of stuff gets read off the disk during the early portions of the boot phases, and rearranges the blocks of the files so it's just one continuous read.

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