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Re: PROPOSAL: Core size reduction "bug day"

David Nielsen wrote:

But is there actually any work going on in this area or is this one of those chicken and egg things, Extras task has not been clearly defined and we won't define it since there is no real Extras to relate to.

Either way we should start to seriously debate what tasks Core needs to
do, and work to avoid duplication in task completion.

- David

"Extras not defined" is FUD spread by certain individuals who have refused to cooperate in a collaborative project. When Extras happens it will initially be a quick import of everything we have now. Lieutenants chosen among community members will act as a gatekeeper allowing stuff in. Updates to existing packages will be allowed in very quickly like current Extras policy, except directly through CVS. New package additions will however will go through a high level of scrutiny. Of course all of this depends entirely on how much we generally trust the contributor.


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